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  1. im currently growing in my basment in a secret room we have there that is completly insilated, but with the high power {1000wat} light bulb i have for a source of light i am worried that the insilation might catch fire, am i okay how i am now or shud i move my plant? email me at, im not on the board much

  2. if you're too lazy to come on here and check back to see if you have any answers, why the hell should anyone help you? you can also choose to subscribe to this thread and the board will automatically e-mail you when there is a response.

    To answer your question, any insUlation that is not rated to remain exposed is a potential fire hazard - especially if it has paper facing on it. The easiest thing to do would be to cover it with drywall - or at the very least, you can line the walls with Panda film.
  3. QFT!!!!

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