Insightful Syncronistic Ego(less)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Pauvro, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Sometimes I can really question life and become very philosophical while under the grand influence of my favorite plant. The other day a really interesting thing happened to me. My friend and I were very high and were in a store checking out magazines. I think I was reading Scientific Mind and as I did I started to wonder about my beliefs. I believe that we all have a soul, I enjoy spirituality. Then I had a terrible thought that made a lot of sense in a way, I thought, "What if the soul is just an illusion created by the Ego, to make us feel like more, more important" I suddenly felt this as true and felt completely free in a way, but scared too. Then I looked around for something to tell me otherwise, and assure me that more exists...I swear to god my eyes went RIGHT to this weird looking card that said, "We were put here for a reason, to DANCE DANCE DANCE!" upon reading this as the obvious answer to my confusion, I laughed out loud and became very happy, isn't that just really cool? Haha I got an instant answer and recognized it as such.

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