InsideSun Econo 400w HPS - unboxing/review

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by kellizar, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Hey GC,

    Here is a preliminary review of my InsideSun Econo 400w HPS with Chrome Reflector.

    I placed and paid for the order on Sep. 9. Today is Sep. 15. That is 6 days from payment to doorstep, which I find pretty damn impressive. The whole package: ballast, reflector, and HPS light was only $129.99 including shipping (99.99 without).

    First thing i noticed after unboxing was the massive ballast. I don't have any experience with HID lighting, but this ballast is built like a tank. It weighs at least 20 lb. There is a fairly long cord, probably 5-6 ft., from ballast to light, and a shorter cord from ballast to plug.

    The reflector looked brand new, while the ballast looked lightly used. I don't know if you can see it in the pics but there was some light black paint (?) on the outside of the ballast. Almost like it caught some black spraypaint that blew over. The light bulb was brand new, in its case.

    I turned it on, and wow. With the reflector, it lights up the entire second story of my house. Like from pitch black to sunlight basically.

    I'll be making a grow journal soon with this bad boy, so watch out!


  2. damn, impressive response time
  3. you better wipe that bulb down before u light it.. its not that great handling bulbs that burn that hot with bare skin casue oils get on there and can cause them to crack
  4. Thanks for the tip, will do
  5. funny, i ordered that on the same day
    yet i havent got mine yet.
    maybe cuz location? i got it with the MH conversation bulb as well.

    im glad i stumbled upon this i hope mine comes tomorrow!! :)
  6. also, did u recieve a tracking number or anything? i just got a confirmation email
    i hope mine comes soon so i can start my grow!
  7. Yeah no I didn't get a tracking no., just an email like you did. But I'm very happy with the quality of Insidesun so far.
  8. cool. i cant wait till mine gets here. im really excited now. cuz this is the 1st opinion ive seen on it.
  9. wow that looks like a great deal. im thinking of looking at the 250w, has anybody else had experience with this company? the ballast says it is refurbished, just an input on the quality or reliability of the product would be appreciated:smoking:
  10. ya, i ordered the 250 from them end of last year... looks exactly like this guy setup... works great

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