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  1. I was thinking about buying a HPS light from insidesun. There is an option to also get the conversion bulb. My question is, is the ballast already wired up to be able to switch to MH as well?
  2. if the ballast is wired for MH and HPS use then they will tell you and charge you more.

    so it should say whether or not it can use both.
  3. does inside sun have good quality lights or are they some shitty lights that shouldnt be used that put off alot of heat?
  4. yeah you can use that MH bulb during vegging and then switch it to the HPS during your flowering period. Im not to sure with Inside sun never seen any feedback on there Lights. I wonder if it puts out more heat or if it suitable for growing in closet conditions?
  5. go with htgsupply(dot)com

    same price but its brand new

  6. are these sites reliable? has anyone ever boughten from them or have any experience with them?
  7. No, the ballast is made to handle just a HPS bulb. It is the MH conversion bulb that has special wiring in it that allows it to work off a HPS ballast. That is what the word "conversion" refers to (not all MH bulbs are conversion bulbs). There also are switchable ballasts as the other possible way to run both MH and HPS (one at a time) off the same light.
  8. i have ran a insidesun 400watt hps for about a year now. In my opinion it is WELL worth the money. It is the cheapest around for the quality.
    Yes just like toasty said, the "conversion" is the bulb.
    and as far as security goes, insidesun wants your business. they dont care what you use the light for. If your worried about getting caught up, get yourself a safe address, and make sure you pay with one of those pre paid visa cards and you will be fine
    good luck
  9. Alrigth cool, thanks alot fellas.
  10. I've got a 400w HPS from inside sun too.... works great for the price. It can put off a lot of heat, but that is with all HPS setups that aren't aircooled.
  11. This looks like a great site, what are the shipping rates? What did you pay for the 400w to be shipped?
  12. i ended up paying a little more than 20 bucks shipping, not bad
  13. yeah i was thinking about going to INside sun but i wasnt sure about the product. now that i got a little feedback on them i might have to purchase me a light from them tommmarow. Hows' the shipping do they send they're product fast and as far as the heat goes if i had a fan blowing on it do you think it would be cool enough?

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