inside sun New 1000 HPS system for $200

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by OG*, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. this seems to good to be true are their lights any good it says it's new not the refurbished ones

    # This system includes: New Ballast
    # New 1000 HPS bulb
    # 18' Chrome Batwing Reflector
    # Electrical cable - Wall to Ballast 3.5 feet (standard 3 prong plug)
    # Electrical cable - Ballast to Light 10 feet
    # 3 year warranty (except on bulb)
  2. noone has ever bought from them before?
  3. I like inside sun. They are good. That also looks like a helluva deal. If my bro didn't own a hydro store, I'd jump on that.
  4. Wow i just bought an additional 450 watt for 219 including shipping 3 days ago, i WISH i knew that website had that awesome deal.. i would jump on it.
  5. Yes go with
    They are wonderful. I have bought from them many times.
  6. THE ballast is 1000 watts too right?
  7. Yup.
    Looks like a 1000 watt ballast.
  8. AIGHT thx imma prolly get this next week

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