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inside or outside hydro

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by findme, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons of growing indoors vs outdoors. with 0% chance of getting caught both ways, which would be better to do?
  2. If you have a 0% chance to get caught, and the ability to do it. Do both. See first hand witch you like more.

  3. Good point but if I could do one, I think it's be interesting to see like 15 gallon recirculating bubble buckets outside. Wow.....
  4. I never grown outside but does insects bother weed plants much?
  5. Yea,...a hydro greenhouse would be ideal :)

    If ur talkin' 2,3,4,5 plants, just keep it indoor, controllable environment
  6. Hydroponics is a chore. Be ready.
  7. Not for me man, it's so much cleaner and easier than hauling dirt and disposing of dirt etc.

    I love feeding in 1 pot

    I love dialing in the feed

    Maybe it's just me because I live on the 3rd floor but I dig it :)
  8. Not even close to a chore. Most days, my only job with the plants is to sit there and look at them. I add a gallon or 2 of nute solution every other day, and thats it, sit and watch them grow. Not sure what you mean by its a chore.
  9. I am actually thinking about making my wife a nice big DWC system for outdoors so she can grow some veggies. We do not have a yard, only cement, but she wants to grow. So we may be playing with hydro outdoors. lol.
  10. fun, that should be interesting, maybe she could make a journal in the gardening section or u could.
  11. Well, keeping your PH steady. And, depends on the method you use.

    Atleast the Nutrient Film Technique is a chore.

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