inside of my glass bowl broke.

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    my glass spoon broke on the inside were you put the product. wat do i do is there any kind of like bondo or maybe body filler i need something to fix this piece its my favorite i just want something that can be smoked and not harm me. and IM NOT SMOKING ALUNIMUM FOIL...

  2. uhhh if the boul head is still like intact u could go to a smoke shop and buy a screen
  3. no like theres like a penny sized hole in my bowl
  4. i took a pic.
  5. well there's really no way to make it like it was. you could make a bowl that would fit into it out of a metal socket and attatch it some way, but idk how well that would work. my advice is just go buy a new piece.
  6. any other help
  7. Buy a big screen and cover that up with it. Other than that theres nothign you can do.
  8. go spend 50 on another prodo spoon lol

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