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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by WeedScience, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Well here is my first post, so tell me what you think about my grow box.
    so I took a 3Ft. wide by 4Ft. tall box and covered it with foil on the inside.
    Using double sided tape to install it. Instead of putting white paint on the box I put a white drop cloth on the bottom. For lighting i used a 75 watt light output which only uses 17 watts of energy! (you can get them from walmart for 10$ By the way its a 24' flourescent gro light.
    Im pretty sure that this book can fit at least 2 good sized plants or 4 small ones for a little while.
    well thats about it so heres some pictures.
    I forgot that i cover it up with a black trash bag for the top.

    [​IMG] heres the box with the lights on

    [​IMG] heres the box with the "top" on it

    [​IMG] Heres a inside view of the box
  2. your links dont work man =[
    upload ur pics here in G.C. and use the html they give u
  3. WeedScience, I had to break it to you but those bulbs aren't as good as they would lead you to believe. It's still only a 17watt bulb but it's the equivalent to a 75w incandesant. You will need a good few of them as they will still only put out around 1000 lumens each.
  4. You said its 3' x 3' x 4'? That is perfect for 9 plants, if you do some training to keep them about 3 feet tall. Get much better lighting tho.

    Lighting is the only place you cannot skimp on growing marijuana. If you didn't spend more than $100 on your lighting and you plan on growing more than one plant, you didn't spend enough. The thing to look for is lumen output, you want 5 to 10 thousand lumens per plant with 10,000 being the perfect number.

    Buy 10 more of the lights you just bought, then you will be in business bro.
  5. im only 16 i hardly have enuff money for that 1 what about putting some cfls on it
  6. You agreed to the rules when ya' of them was that you are "Over 18" yer' not so.....C'Ya' in two years :wave:
  7. well put DrBudGreengenes!

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