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  1. hi guys. i need your help. i'm trying to grow two plants - this is my first time growing. they are about 2 months old and they were growing quite rapidly. recently they have plateaued and they have started turning yellow in the leaves. The plants are 6-8 inches tall approximately and they are in constant light. They are also watered daily. To make the growing setup I took a medium sized mixing bowl and cut a hole in the bottom to fit a compact fluorescent light bulb. I then wrapped the whole bowl in foil and this serves as my light (see photos below). I then cut out a whole for my light in the top of a box. The yellowing began a little over a week ago and I originally thought that maybe the light was too close to the plants. To give the plants some more space between them and the light I stacked some piles of books to raise the box up higher. This does not seem to help as the plants have just yellowed even more. So guys, I  need your help. I am hoping they are still salvageable so please any advice is great. Thank you.


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  2. Oh, by the way, the light bulb is a florescent 60 watt. 
  3. Your plants need some more light first of all. Notice how its stem is very stretched. The yellowing looks kinda like nitrogen def, we really need more info though.. There's a thing to fill out under the sick plants and problems stickies.
  4. Also that's not a 60 watt flourscent, they are bigger. You want to go by the smaller number wattage when you are using cfls. Your going to need a few more cfls for sure, your plant will actually thrive more windowside than its current situation

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  5. Also I'm not too sure if they can recover at two months old at this stage, I may be wrong

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  6. foil makes shitty reflector material..paint the inside of the bowl with flat white latex paint for interiors.
    the light is a equivalent to 60watts incandescent for visible lumens..
 have less then a 23 watt bulb...not enough light. you plants are starved for light. GET MORE LIGHT
  7. Can them and start over

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    Agreed foil is a poor reflector, but man that set up is dangerous.  Shit can the setup if you want to save the plants, or properly grow plants in the future.  Seriously you desperately need more light, but do not put it in that set up.  Your going to burn your place down for gods sake.  
    If you need help putting something better together please ask away, but understand foil near the bulb socket, rested on top of an old cardboard box, on top of a bunch of books is a campfire waiting to happen.

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