Inside a volcano

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Most incredible volcano footage ever[/ame]!
  2. dude, I fucking LOVE nature:smoke:
  3. That really was incredible i can't imagine standing there in person
  4. Most incredible thing I've seen all day.

    Even roped up I would probably be shaking like a leaf, but there is no way I would pass up the opportunity to get close to one of those.

  5. Word!
  6. It is formed inside the volcanic magma chamber. Stones and other parts of the case rendered the magma chamber. molten rock called magma. When the magma is still in the magma chamber can do the splits and you can actually see the hot magma, but do not go near. Magma that reaches the earth surface is called lava. Another thing that is formed in the smoke, but the first magma must first make its way to the center hole. When the magma reaches about half of the magma is pretty hot, is a return to hot molten lava rocks and things that do not melt into magma. The lava continues until the main hole to get hotter and hotter as it goes higher and higher into the center hole. When the lava is at the top of the main air when the volcano is about to make an explosion.

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