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  1. Herro...well I live in The South though I was born elsewhere. Not too old and not too young. I read too much and fix computers for a living. Female. I have a better zombie plan than anyone else.
  2. welcome to "the city." are you hoarding firearms? or are you building a spacecraft? i gotta know the zombie plan.
  3. What part of the south?
  4. Welcome to the City, now go on with the "zombie plan." haha
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    If I tell everyone about the riverboat, Marquette, then all of you will....wait. Nevermind!
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    Low Country.
  7. Can I get a state? :p
  8. Or do you mean SC?
  9. hey tdab, you ever been to land between the lakes. i went there a while back on a road trip with some friends, right after a huge tornado, place is trippy.
  10. Nahh.. that's around a 6 hour drive from me, you from Kentucky as well?
  11. no, i went to school at southern illinois and we just took a trip down there for cheap cigs and to see some cool nature.
  12. Yeah, sc.
  13. welcome to the city. you can sign out any time you like, but you can never leave.
    .22 cal rifle. ten thousand rounds of hollow points, barbed wire, lava pit, bazooka, whore house.

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