insects messin with the crop

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by doindia, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. hey guys im starting to have insects and such mess with and destroy the plants, nothing bad yet, but if i let it go it will be. they seem to be enjoying it...

    ive also heard dont spray the plants with insectiside because you can taste it in the pot, or its not healthy or something...

    anyway i thought about maybe just spraying the hell out of the bottle that its in, and not letting it all in the soil and on the plant... im in a 20 ox bottle about 10 inches tall about to transfer into a 3 litre...

    what do i do, ALSO what do i USE
  2. i got some little black flies but they dont bother i think they just like the moist soil or somethin? doesnt effect it at all though
  3. had that problem killed my starters before ...omg i have never grew a plant over 4 inches .... but the crop coming up ...will post pic .... is gonna be the shit cuzz i gots all you wonderful peoples help:smoke:
  4. those little black flies might be gnats which lay eggs in your soil and hit the roots up.could be wrong tho.heard this stuff here works for that .some peeps like to put a layer of sand to stop that and i heard paper can be used for the gnats on the forums


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