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  1. Hey guys I have had problems with caterpillars and other insects with my outdoor grow, and I did some research and found out that pyrethrum would be a safe insecticide to use that wouldn't effect my plants. The stuff that I bought is called "Bonide Garden Dust" and contains:

    Pyrethrins 0.03%
    Sulfur (4-5 microns) 25%
    Copper (basic copper sulfate) 5%
    and 69.97% inactive ingredients.

    However, this particular product is applied in powder form, and I was wondering if the powder will wash off by itself in the rain, it has been a week since I have used it and there are still traces of it left on the plants. The bugs are gone but I would like to know how to get rid of the powder because I don't want it on my finished product.

    Any input and advice is appreciated, thanks!
  2. Hm im not sure, cant you get like tomato dust? Used for warding off insects and the like... I have it at home, i wonder if its safe to use on weed?

    I heard you can spray your plant with a watered down vinegar solution or Bicarb soda solution or something and it has the same effect... Hahaha anyone?
  3. Well I already used the product and it successfully killed all the insects so it worked perfectly, and it didn't harm my plants at all. However, there is still some powder that hasn't been washed off from the rain, and I was wondering how to get that off or if it will be gone in about a month or so when I harvest.
  4. Get something with spinosad in it. 1 spray three months ago and I just spotted the first caterpiller again today. Make sure to spray the soil and pots and whatever your growing in. The product I use is called Monterey Garden Insect spray but I live in Ca, so youll probably have to find something else with spinosad.
  5. I use organocide for spidermites and all others including mold and mildew. If mold and mildew becomes a problem I hit em agian with Serenade.

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