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  1. I have been using Azatrol on my plants to kill off spider-mites. The hydro shop i bought it from said that it was perfectly safe to use, but i spent some time in the jungle pruning, and i started to break out in hives a little bit. I was wondering at what point in the flowering stage should I stop using the insecticide? I don't want to croak from some tainted bud.

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  2. Spider mites are damaging little bastards that need to be eradicated. Keep spraying till they are gone.
  3. I dont have any experience with the product you are using. I do have experience using neem oil, floramite, avid, and this year Im using liquid Sevin. I know with neem oil if you spray your plants too close to harvest, your buds will taste bad and in my experience even a long cure(3 months) wont get rid of the bad taste and black smoke that comes off. Id be careful spraying with any insecticide close to harvest. Neem oil says on the bottle "use all the way to harvest" but Id take that with a grain of salt, I dont know if the makers of these products are worried about marijuana smokers. I think they are referring to fruits/veggies and you should wash all your fruits before you eat them. You cant very well wash your marijuana before you smoke it now can ya? Water Cure maybe, but I like to be able to taste my herb.

    Just something to think about, but like I said I have no experience with Azatrol.

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