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Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by BrodMan Organics, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. Hey all,

    Been away for two days and found two of these little guys moseying around the trays in my veg room tonight when I got back.

    They don’t seem like anything I’ve released or even predator for that matter. Really don’t know...plants look fine and I just sprayed veg with neem/Kara is ipm Saturday before I left. And tomorrow is another veg foliage feed day...


    I caught the two of them and put them in a baggie. I’m waiting a hear back from the people I use for my beneficials, they’re likely sleeping and I won’t hear back until tomorrow am...

    Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Does it look like this guy?

    That's a black vine root weevil
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  3. I feel like that’s a winner actually. Especially since lights just came on and what I just read about them, says they feed at night. Thank you!!
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  4. Hate those buggers! Glad I could help!
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  5. Hey there! Was wondering what your experience with them was. And wondering what abnormal growth I should be looking for.

    A few sources told me it was a different species of weevil and nothing to worry about... also that they generally don’t attack cannabis.

    Just trying to be prepared!
  6. Hi! I have dealt with them, but not on cannabis plants. I found notch-like holes in the leaves, like this pic:

    If the larvae are attacking the roots, then the the foliage would look unhealthy. Hope that was somewhat helpful.
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  7. It does, thank you!! The ladies are healthy to this point and not showing any signs.

    They didn’t seem to think it was a cannabis pest but we added another species of predatory nematodes, and I added an extra neem foliar application as well just in case!!

    I’m hoping it’s a coincidence but don’t feel like I’m that lucky...

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