insect frass????

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  1. there is this new product popping up at shops in socal called insect frass. supposed to be a fertilizer and help with some other stuff. dont really know what its made out of, im guessing insects, they say it has a lot of chitin which protects the plant from disease and insects..

    anyone know anything about it? i got some as a free sample, prolly gonna throw it in my soil.
  2. I too got a free sample and a flyer about what it is supposed to do. Haven't tried it yet. You first! ;)
  3. i didnt know there was already a thread on it, i hope this one doesnt turn out like that one, i just cant seem to understand what it is exactly.. insect poop makes a lot of sense to me now haha. i just threw it in my soil mix. doubt ill see any differences.. if i keep getting it free ill keep throwing it in the soil but i doubt ill ever buy it.
  4. Just an opinion; search your area for rabbit poop. Get that (usually for free) and save your money for something else in the grow room.
  5. Rabbit vs Horse?

    Where do you sit for you? I have access to both, and have been using the 10+ yr old Horse Manure in my Compost, as well as the Composted Cow Manure I can't stop buying!
  6. A dude I respect a lot for his knowledge uses exclusively rabbit poop and very little if anything else when he gardens organically indoors or out. Says he keeps a bucket of it steeping and mixes it 1 cup per 5g and that's what he uses once a week for nutrient supplement. That and a good organic soil is all he uses. So, he's turned me onto it now with a very generous gift of a bag full of alfalfa fed rabbit excrement. I'm using it 1 tbsp per 1/2g now and I'm pleased thus far. No harm no foul.

    Somewhere it has already been asked and answered that rabbit poop falls in the top 1 or 3 animal based manures to use in the garden. Think of what they exclusively eat when fed by the farm store bag full - alfalfa. It's an interesting object as well and resembles small alfafla pellets LOL! And dude, that shit is not soluble in water! I've had some sitting in a jar for a week now, shaken vigorously daily and it is no where near being fully dissolved. Interesting.

    But yeh, I'm not dissing on bovine or equine composted manure. 45 gave me ~25lbs of his alfalfa fed, pet horse's compost and that's what I started this grow with. Good stuff man!

    It's all good it's just some is better'n other. "Better/Best" concept.
  7. Well I called two local Rabbit Farms and one of them feeds Alfalfa and Timothy hay with some sort of stone dusts, all organic thanks for pointing that out.

    Added bonus is I can clean pens instead of paying for it! haha 1 hour of work for months of compost? I think so!

    Thanks again!

  8. Dude that is over the top awesome! You've just won the animal manure lottery! :hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:.

    Now :bongin::bongin::bongin:... about that OP... :smoking:
  9. Thanks! I am pumped, I just need a friggen worm bin now.

    In the thread I first started about Insect Frass I am pretty sure the cost out weighs the benefits ten fold.

    Now Solider Flies, that's some frass! haha
  10. What comes to my mind thinking about packaged insect frass is what remains in the bottom of a cricket cage and the bait store.

    What comes to my mind thinking about insect frass that I'd like to put in my garden is what my uncouth little friend here left behind at our photo shoot. I think he'd had enough.


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    Since I've been volunteering at the Plant and Insect Clinic I've gotten a new found appreciation for all things insect. The pic you posted is just one example of the fascinating world of insects. The colors and the engineering that nature has put into the design of insects flat amazes me.

    Have you ever happened to look at the different jumping spiders? I was looking at one under the microscope the other day and couldn't believe the detail on the 1/8" little creature under the lens. These are from Google Images.

    EDIT: Yes I know that spiders are not insects. :)


  12. Insect or not, I think that spiders are actually pretty cool (unless I find one in the worm bin:D). I recently noticed an increase in sightings of brown widows around my neck of the woods. We have always had plenty, and I mean plenty of black widows but now there are more and more browns. Coinicidentally(sp?) I read a recent article that talked about how brown widows are starting to take over the black widows territories...they are not as toxic as black widows but nasty just the same I's another article I found about how they are multiplying in the south west.
    A New Breed of Poisonous Spider Invading SoCal -
  13. Ain't it the truth man! If the grasshopper dude were on a scale to that of us bipeds it would take a Hellfire missle to penetrate the flak armor on the big man. I tell ya man Nature is a mad scientist LOL!

    But yeh, I've been collecting bugZ shots now for almost three years. Occasionally I'll print off a bunch and put them in a little photo album and give 'em to kids in the family. They love 'em! Esp grasshoppers that "poop".

    I had an experience with what I believe was a wolf spider about the size of a pencil eraser. That little fellar jumped vertically at me when I closed in on him. It was darn near ~18" or so that he jumped. That's quite a bit for an eraser sized spider LOL!

    Spiders are pretty kewl creatures really. True predators. One won't ever find cockroaches and other critters in their house if they leave the spiders alone and don't kill 'em. They're great for keeping pests out of the house IMO. I won't share a bed with one but I do get mad if I find out Monkee has squashed one. She hates 'em. I tell her to leave 'em alone gat damnit! :)

  14. I read this factoid or saw it on nature show. That at any given moment throughout the course of any given human's day, we are never more than 5 feet from a spider!!
  15. welcome to their world!:smoke:
  16. While were on the subject of Arthropods, how crazy would it be to breed them for their shells? Add that to some lobster shell's and I think you'd have all aspects of chitin covered!

  17. I have heard the same thing, but 6ft. Nonetheless that's still pretty crazy to know that spiders can swim.

    Jk jk
  18. I have always wondered if you could purchase "daddy long legs" spiders like how you could purchase lady bugs. It would be nice to have non poisonous spiders in the growing area, but the do male a lot of webs
  19. Not on the plants though. Just around them on the walls and such

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