insanely complicated machines

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  1. haha yeah i was thinking the same thing
  2. didn't watch the vidio but i assume you are talking of a rube goldberg
  3. you say that but there are many many vids like that from america, germany and canada
  4. I had to make a rube goldberg device for my senior physics class. It was a joke u make a machine that does as many pointless things before ti does a simle task like ring a bell or set off a mouse trap.... obviously proves that school is pointless.
  5. Only the Japs, come on man. Non the less it was very cool, I mean imagine trying to make that kinda shit from scratch. Not me bro, i'd be breakin that shit the 1st tyme it did not work. JOE>
  6. KAdernal i had to do that same thing in 6th grade and no it’s not useless; it explains the different types of energies. Such as kinetic, potential and others, but yes you can just as easily learn this from a simple definition but hell I had fun with it.
  7. i loved the music
  8. fuck thats cool..the magnets r an awesome idea....hehe:smoking:
  9. what ever japenese saying they were saying in that teletubby kinda way was freakin me out a bit ahahha it sounds like some killer fuzzy creatures are like talking ... haha
  10. oh god, watchin that just pissed me off. the fact that anyone would spent that much time sitting there making little devices to trap marbles just really, really pisses me off. i don't know why, hehe.
  11. That was pretty crazy, I thought the 3rd video was nuts.
  12. How the fuck does this belong in Recreational Marijuana use? God damnit...
  13. So why did you post it here? Next time I'll just delete your threads if you aren't smart enough to post them in the right section. :rolleyes:
  14. My god, how is there 3 whole videos of this.:confused:
  15. It's not pointless; activities like that excersize one's creativity. If you want to be successful in most societies, there are three main subjects to master:
    1) Speech --- Nobody wants to hire someone who can't articulate themselves. If you're spontaneous and creative, you can easily persuade others and rise up to positions of power.
    2) Developing your Ego/ Social Skills --- this is largely tied in with speech, but knowing how to meet people, establish and keep relationships, and how to handle yourself in specific situations will guarantee success on many levels. This is why parties are so productive.. besides getting you drunk and stoned... you can get experience with meeting new people with every party you go to and it's fun :D. Being able to handle yourself at a party is just as important as being able to handle yourself at a fight, or if you know someone is lying to you etc.
    3) Knowledge --- Knowledge comes third. If you are not able to handle yourself or articulate your thoughts, then your knowledge is only good for yourself. However, if you are a good speaker, than knowledge and wisdom can make you look like a genious. Conversations can become much deeper and much more meaningful if you know even just a little about what you are talking about. If you enlighten someone by revealing an idea or fact, that person will look to you as a wise leader. And we all know leaders do the best in this society.

    Of course, education broadens your perspective and your understanding of life, but it is not neccessary to success in modern society. Some of the most enlightened men are poor. Again, this is a formula to success in society, not a way to live life... unless all you strive for is wealth and power. I reccommend having a bigger social life than school life if you want to be successful, for the reasons i have above.

    Jesus this is a fucking essay. It's cool tho i hope someone reads it and can agree or disagree :smoke:

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