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Insane weedprices in Norway

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kable457, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Hello fellow gc tokers!
    I'm from Norway and the prices here are insane compared to Any other country in the world, I would assume. Most dealers sell only for $85 and it's not an eight, it's "one bag". A bag ranges from 2,5-3,5g depending on quality. Dank is always $33-35 per gram, and mids/high mids is usually $25-28. The cheapest ounce i ever got was $500. All my friends pay the same for their weed. I guess it might be because of the richdom that surrounds every citizen. The rich suburban kids are so easy to fool, I knew this kid that bought a joint (it was even a spliff!!) for $50, and he proceeded to rip it open and used it as seasoning/spice (not sure what the correct Word here is) on his pizza, then ate it. He came back to the dealer, hs kid, and conplained he didn't get high. Lol. When people are willing to pay there prices I guess the price goes up for everyone.

    Anyway, are there any other Vikings out there who gets cheaper weed? If so where in Norway do you live? I'm in Oslo btw.
  2. These Norway threads pop up every so often, they complain of the same thing.
  3. Isn't Norway voted like the best place to live on earth?

    Anyways, buy it off SR. $85 for a "one bag" is retarded

  4. Yeah it is. Minimum wage here is like $13/h tho. The thought of buying from silkroad has struck me more than once, but the whole PGP encryption, bitcoins and mailing deal seems a bit overwhelming.

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