Insane video was shot using only stop motion animation

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  1. NO visual effects or green-screens were used in the making of this video. Everything you see was created by hand using 2,250 separate pieces of paper, each printed with a frame of a previously filmed performance video. Each piece of paper was then photographed frame-by-painstaking-frame by an incredible production team.

    Listen to UnAmerican on the music platform of your choice:

    Video produced by Johnny Jansen in association with Foreshadow Films and Amazing Factory.

    Director: Johnny Jansen Producer: Josh Huculiak Production Designer: Cayne McKenzie Editor: Johnny Jansen DOP: Thomas Affolter Animators: Nathan Affolter and Jon Affolter

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  2. You always post dope stuff that's cool to look at when you're high :love-m3j:

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