Insane traffic(video)

Discussion in 'General' started by xericx, May 4, 2006.

  1. wow, i dont know if i could drive like that.
  2. great video clip +rep
  3. HOW WAS THERE NOT A CRASH. Those damn motorcycles were like bees.
    The only time it looked like there was a red light was when a bus drove across.
  4. lol, this was in India, this happens all the time, the government has huge bureaucratic problems that have been around for years. My family's from India (mom's side from Bombay and Dad's side all from the state of Gujrat) and they talk about this all the time, its so common to have intersections like this, only in the richer areas is it actually better organized.
  5. god damn that is nuts!
  6. looks sped up to me. all the people are walking really fast.
    still nuts
  7. tagged for when i get home
  8. The motorcycles come so close to crashing, they probably have some type of unofficial traffic code.

  9. goddamn, so glad there are traffic signals and shit. i dont think i could handle that type of driving, be on edge the whole damn time
  10. Thats insane lol.
  11. thisisnotreal

    look at the people in the beginning...they are moving super fast. it's sped up
  12. yea it was sped up a lil, but thats still RIDICULOUS
  13. bet it's fucking HARD to get a ticket there...if they have tickets haha
  14. the way they know how to stop is when you get real close the the other driver, the red dot on his forhead acts as a red light.

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