Insane theory! my first ecstacy experiance

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    i have been smoking ever day for a long ass time now and my best friend who is neff on this site got some e pills. we ate them after blazing then went to the woods to just enjoy the woods when it hit me. It makes you think, my mind expanded. Life is a game that is being controlled by our minds. do we control our own brains? how does it know what to do and what not to do? Mayb when people commit suicide there brain and soul just wants to be realeased so it tells the person to do it. Our bodys could be a shell for our soul and brain and once it is ready to live free and on its own it sheds our body. Life is like a game, nobody wins. People like tupac thought he knew the game thought he was winning and thasts when he lost. People say you have to deal with the cards life gives you, but sometimes it doesnt give you a chance to win with the cards you get. You can either take and deal with your cards or take someone elses, you may not understand the world untill you look back after death and then you realize the game. E opened my mind to this stuff and there is still alot more i cud say. I definitally think it should be worth trying for everybody. It exposes yourself for whoo u really are.::eek::smoking::bongin: also, think about people and ur friends... people lead different lives and have different oppinioins on everything but there is something in everybody that brings certain people together. who knows whhat the true attraction is to a friend or how love is made. it could mean that ur mind knows it needs to learn from other people and it relaxes wen around certain people. Friends are something to b charished, but y do some not be friends anymore? like i said life is a game and mayb the person u were closest to bent the rules. personally i feel that i am different i play the game how i want it to be played and sometimes it works for people and sometimes it fails horribly. I no im rollin, but life has treated me well and if it trows me a curve ball you just have to deal with it. mayb the game of life is like baseball? you hit or miss... you are an allstar if u succed hitting 30% of the time. the point is you keep trying untill u have glory. i havent stricked out yet.... sure i have got a few lucky calls, but im still ready to hit, still ready to live. ps. i<3ecstacy
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    Sounds like you had quite the roll buddy. Many drugs definitely open your mind to explore new perspectives.

    But I have to say that my feeling on X was so perfect, it seemed so god damned fake.

    A little advice, whether you asked for it or not, let those thoughts sit with you a while and reflect on that perspective; and don't do that brain rotting shit again

    edit: okay maybe 1 or 2 more times:laughing:
    just don't become an e-tard please
  3. def man me and my friend agreed not to do it more then 8 times in my life and i def not goin over that
  4. what u guys think?
  5. Sounds awesome! Just don't use it often because its very easy to "lose the magic"
  6. it wont rot your brain. i did it every day for a month, and then sometimes 3-4 days back to back for a week every once in a while. my gpa is 3.7 in college and i act pretty normal lol.

    for some people the card thing is true, they're in a situation that they cant get out of and they are going to have to deal with it, wether its a bad life, poverty, sickness, death of close friends/family. (most) others have the option to make their lives better but dont follow through.
  7. thats some profound thinking there my friend. sounds more like somethin youd think of while trippin than rollin though haha. I have only had one "contemplative roll" in my life and that was when I was rollin on pink glocks. Sounds like you had some bomb thizzles dude
  8. first off. almost everyone starts off with drugs thinking "ill only do this a few times." not trying to burst your bubble here, but do you think these crackheads running around said "im gonna smoke rocks till i die poor." negative. besides, i felt the same way my first time, you'll get over that part after a while
  9. I don't think you can really compare the addictive nature of Ecastasy to that of crack,
    A lot of people I know have no problem only doing E "a few times"

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