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    My friend and I smoke behind this elementary school all the time. So we go up there intending to smoke 2 blunts and play basketball, and this is what happens. We toke up in a lowkey spot, but some dudes saw us doing it. About 30 minutes later, some cops pull up. (we were playing a 2 on 2 basketball game). the thing is, one cop came in from the parking lot and the other one came from the woods, like wtf? anyway... the cop that came from the parking lot began poking around the corner we were smoking in where we possibly left a roach. they began questioning everybody there and then telling people that it's too late to be on school property so they would have to leave. My friend and I were shooting around when they got to us, and they told us that they knew we smoked but that they were going to let us go. My faggot friend was like "please sir, don't arrest us, I'm 4th in our class and he's 3rd" (which is true lol) although the begging was totally unnecessary. Anyway, the cops told us to leave the school and the one that came from the parking lot walked with us and told us stories about how he used to "chief with his boys" LOL, life is good man. :hello: :smoke: :smoking: :metal:

    EDIT: i had my drawstring bag with me that had about a g of some bud, my pipe, and some wraps.
  2. wow you sir are lucky.
  3. that's what i'm saying, bruv
  4. Your not lucky at all, if they cant find anything on you than your o.k.
  5. read my edit
  6. Nice. At least you got away
  7. Even in that case your suppose to get a citation if its under a oz.
  8. wow you are lucky. Someone must have reported you, but the cops didnt really care about a joint. In cali, if the cop was a rookie, he would have strip searched you on the court. In NYC they would have beat the shit out of you because they could not find anything.
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    The first few times I got busted they took my shit and let me go. But unfortunately I've still caught 2 possession charges since then. Each time 12 months probation with drug tests  etc etc. So be glad you didn't get searched and charged! And try to be a little more careful!
  10. OP why would you smoke at an elementary school? That seems sketchy as fuck
  11. my port arthur man knows whats up^
  12. lol at used to chief with his boys. loser cop. he should still be CHIEFIN
  13. He prob still is.  I got pulled over one time when I was 17 by a state patrol and got a possession charge for having ONE seed in my ashtray.
  14. Never smoke with your friend again.

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