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    I had my last smoke about a week and a half ago and since then I've been gettin really spazzed out dreams, like getting gradually more intense as night came about again. the first couple of days after my last smoke I had generally understandable ones, like seeing people for a normal activity or being in an unfamiliar place but being completely used to it. Well, after those first couple of days the dreams started to become lucid, so I'd be in the dream and I'd know I was in it, but this wouldn't effect my perception of the event itself.
    I feel like I havn't given an apt description of the term lucid, but it in my eyes is seen as having wide control over your decisions, movements and the general direction of your dream. Okay, for example I'll describe this mornings one (dreaming tends to occur most prominently in the hours before you wake) .. so I was back with 3 of my buddies in Amsterdam, (yearly trip we;ve done the last 2 years) and I suggested to venture off towards a stripjoint. My entrance into the dream was what seemed like about 2 minutes before that, I remember being in the same coffeeshop we've been to both times but there was a big change to it asthetically, I'll describe it just so you get the gyst.. you walk in through the dark doors and the room is lit with mellow light changes and the walls all graffitied with pictures of jazz legends up. You walk past that bit and past the coffee counter is the spliff lady I like to refer as, it's like a wall of donuts but instead each slot is filled with pre rolled spliffs, since the tobacco law you cant have tobacco in aswell so its really good stuff we had; northern lights and green thai etc sorry im majorly getting off topic, but it helps me whatever lol. yeah so after the spliff lady you go down some steps into a little room with recliner chairs and double doors looking out to one of the canals, but instead in my dream there was a massive pillar in the middle of the room and loads of like hookah pipes coming out, like 30 down the side. Okay I've taken like a massive paragraph to describe the first like 3 minutes of my dream but whatever, it's so fun to relive.
    Annnnnnnyway, we're walking down the street to a strip joint and once I get in there my 3boys go get drinks, and the guy said he's shutting down the drinks stand after 2 minutes so I'd better be quick, well they get thiers and I hold back staring at the girls on stage, funnily enough one of them turns out to be a girl I knew back from primary school lke 9 years ago since I'd seen her bout 3 months ago, she turned out good is all I can say. but anyway I'm still pissed off that i only get a couple mins to get my drink and browse the girls and I walk over to a blonde lady with some perfect rack. i even remember steering the cvonversation in whichever way I wanted thinking this dream is AWESOME (usually when i realise Im dreaming I come out of it in a snap) and so we walk off away from the bar together just chattin about why she became a stripper and I start to become worried thinking I coudl get beaten up for talking to her without buying a dance, and i remember the line she said back lol, "dont worry, the cameras are gone now it's past 9pm", i remember it vividly cuz it was such a weird exact kind of thing tosay. we carried on chattin and I lied down next to a pool ( i know, a wtf moment) tellin me that she's lookin forward to gettin out of that business and right after she finished the last word of the sentance the next moment was a kiss that lasted a good 10 seconds, I can even remember clearly tasting her lip gloss and the lame *figure of 8* style french kiss i used to do in high school lmao.
    after that I came back to the bar and ordered a ginger ale and a jager, but he said I was too late the bar was closed, and on that down note, after all the awesome events and the fine blonde girl i realised i was starting to wake up so i got even more pissed off, mainly cuz i had lecture at 12, it was about 10 at the time. it was the most vivid and life like dreams ive ever had in my life!
    Sorry this is so long, and to those of you who are stoned enough to have gotten this far, congrats... you need another session Im sure. The main reason for me documenting this mindspew is cuz I didnt wanna forget and I had to find out if other people experience these kind of dreams.

    p.s. im f*ckin cheesed that i didnt bang the blonde stripper, such goes my usual dream pattern haha

    P.P.S - I came up with a game in the strip club with my mate rooney, it was called "Spliffy Spliff", and you have 2 people per spliff smokin up, and the person that takes the drag that finishes the spliff has to eat the roach, im still laffin now thinkin about it haha
    PEACE! x
  2. i wanna lucid dream.. my dreams are never lucid and rarely remembered, nice dream though... mine are always more nightmarish
  3. Damn I was just talking to someone about lucid dreams today.
  4. I hurd that they are more likely to happen if you eat cheese before you go to bed
  5. since Ive been cutting down on smoking lately ive been having dreams like you describe.

    Last nights was very realistic I was getting chased around my town by a bunch of old western cowboy looking guys and I could run through walls and stuff all the dream was about was getting chased it was really realistic though.
  6. nice, i didnt know there were people here who are into LDing (LD=lucid dream).

    its funny that i found this thread b/c yesterday i had FOUR back-to-back-to-back-to-back LDs followed by two long non LDs. I used to be really big on LDing and started following techniques to better my LDing a while back. if anyone's interested in getting better at LDing, then go to where they have tutorials on how to become better at LDing and forums where people can help you get better too.

    anyways i wont go over every last detail of all of my LDs b/c it'll be too long. but i remember one in which i was diving down from the sky over an ocean and then began to fly around after diving under the water a few times. i remember seeing a ship that resembled the Titanic in the distance and seeing the sun set over the horizen. words simply cannot describe the feeling of that dream, it was so incredible.

    *but i noticed that i didnt get much sleep in the last 2 days before that dream which contributed to the vividness of the dream due to REM deprivation (a technique a lot of LDers user to increase the chances of having a LD)
  7. thanks for the dreamview site, I'm gunna check that one out.. very interesting that you can increase your control during dreaming. it's pretty lucky for me to have them in the first place, take care man
  8. I had a crazy lucid dream a few weeks ago. Somehow I ended up on a beach/cove type area and for some reason, I just knew I was dreaming. I tried to tell this to my roommate who was sitting next to me in the dream and all he said was "what are you talking about man?" It was a weird feeling, the realization I mean. It was very euphoric. Almost like the feeling of peaking on a mushroom trip. Everything seemed perfect and at peace. I didn't want to leave.

    Even when I woke up the euphoria kinda stayed with me until about noon. I was just in a really good mood. It defiantly something I want to get good at.
  9. Very odd lucid dreams are the only kind I have. I could go on for a few pages with all the crazy shit I've dreamt about. I've been locked up for a total of 6 days in the past (3 weekends) and every night I'd have at least 3 very strange vivid dreams.

    Let's just say that one of my most memorable dreams included my workplace, my manager with her pants halfway down while waddling to the bathroom with diarrhea, a giant blue electrical box that was violently shaking (had something to do with a rave), and some purple and pink kittens with hot pink eyeballs. That's being very brief about it, and pretty similar to all my other dreams as far as strangeness.
  10. no problem dude. yeah, you'll find that there's many ways to increase the chances of having LDs, the vividness of LDs, and the control you have in LDs. theres also a lot of natural supplements that help out the above mentioned.
    i know just about every technique there is to LDing so dont hesitate for a second if you have any questions about anything that pertains to LDing. see ya around man[​IMG]
  11. I've heard diphenhydramine can help. What else can you do, cause I have no idea other than that?
  12. Well, as far as supplements go, you can take Melatonin or 5-HTP to help increase vividness of dreams; you can also take choline and/or galantamine (best when taken together) which helps to increase the chances of having a spontaneous LD.

    And as far as techniques go, there is 'A LOT' that can be done. i cant list all of them but my favorite, personally, is the WILD (wake-induced-lucid-dream), in which you basically go to sleep while remaining conscious. its best to do this tech. with the wake-back-to-bed (WBTB) technique in which you sleep for about 5 to 6 hours before you attempt to WILD.

    Another thing you can do is to keep a dream journal (DJ). Writing down your dreams can help you to identify dream signs (signs in your dream that indicate that you are dreaming) and familiarize yourself with your dream world.

    Another technique called REM deprivation (REM=rapid eye movement) is when you gets up for after only 4 or 5 hours (or less) of sleep everyday for at least 3 days (or longer); basically depriving yourself of REM sleep. Doing this helps to increase the vividness and chances of having LDs due to REM rebound.

    Its a long read, but that should get you kick-started into LDing! Ive included a lot of links b/c i simply cannot cover the entirety of LDing in one post but i hope that it will help![​IMG]
  13. love it when you know your in a dream, its fucking awesome ! like your sleeping so basically your not wasting time and wasting time at the same time , get me ? but then theres this awesome videogame going on in your head while doing so, which just makes it the most awesome experience ever. Also you can wake up whenever you want ...
  14. I found out this works last night. I woke up about 5 hours after going to sleep (unintentionally), went back to bed and had 4 very vivid dreams. It was wonderful. :)
  15. Very nice man. how was it? were they lucid or just really vivid?
    Did you try remaining conscious all the way until your body was asleep?
  16. The whole point of a lucid dream is realizing when you are dreaming, and having complete control over your dreams. You sure your having lucid dreams? Sounds like you were just having very vivid dreams.
  17. yep, cuz when i turned back to her she was gone. the dogs life

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