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  1. I wish I was kicked back and enjoying the herd, unfourtanately last night I picked up an eighth for thirty five. smoked it and almost immediately I felt the cerebral effects. It calmed me down, but i began to sweat a little bit. I had stopped for about a month and smoked not even 0.5 grams last night in my bathroom. I was hacking and coughing like crazy after the first three or four hits. I only helf it in for about three or four seconds each time, not even sometimes. I go out to my bedroom and my neck begins to shake, I'm dancing, I'm in hyper space. I'm seeing the head of myself in a purple and green color scheme as Mario in hyperspace, laughing at myself. Then I see the illuminati eyes and pyramids and hands are feeling the music with me to Nada Surf and my body feels like liquid, and I'm levitating. *takes breath*

    Sorry for the run on sentence.

    I actually called EMS and guess who else showed up? The po po. I had to take down the grow too. Only one plant, but still. Could you imagine what would have happened if they saw that shit? I even messaged some people like "I'm calling this strain 'Holy Guacamole' because it's the first thing you say after taking a hit."

    I looked at the weed, it was sort of white, but it wasn't sprinkled with anything. It just reminded me of the Tuna Kush i've had before or BC Great White I believe it's called. So I smoked it. It was impossible to grind at first. Really had to put my all into it. I just thought it was super sticky with THC.
  2. I've never tripped out on weed.. your not smoking prob just got you a head rush an you got light headed.
  3. You called EMS? Why? That was stupid.

    It's just a high man. You're not stuck like that forever. And either way EMS nor the Po Po would be able to do shit to help you un high. All that did was fuck up your beautiful plants.

  4. I was thinking of ending the grow anyways. I'm a student now and I don't want to risk anything. Plus I live alone and nobody was awake. I was afraid I was going to have a heart attack due to my increased anxiety which I use marijuana to self medicate with in the first place. I had no idea what to do. I think calling EMS was actually the smartest thing I could do. That and not breaking the law while trying to get my life together. I'm not saying I'll stop smoking it forever. Maybe medicinal marijuana is more my thing.
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    your a dumbass for calling ems, of course they would bring police. why wouldnt you just relize your were really high you moron.

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  6. why would "medical" marijuana have a different effect?

  7. Different strains are known to have different effects?
  8. your a fucking noob im done with this thread

  9. Excuse me? I know what I expierenced. Inability to sleep, hallucinations, numbness in parts of the body, euphoria. Hmmmm, doesn't sound too pleasent to me. Maybe for like four minutes then I started to lose my mind
  10. i dont care how experienced you think you are with the herbs. only a fucking retarded noob would get medical assistance after smoking weed.


  11. Dude. Settle down. Holy crap. I obviously had a bad expierence with it, was concerned for my well being, had nobody to ask if I was alright or not or calm me down or talk with me. I was on an incredible high listening to Nada Surf. I mean I saw tiny little eyes and little heads of myself laughing at me. I was in complete euphoria, but then I had bad symptoms too like profuse sweating, increased anxiety, inability to sleep. I've never ever expierenced those things before when smoking weed. I only picked up because i was hoping to smoke a joint and then hit the hay like I normally do. But this time it was impossible to get to sleep because I was tripping balls
  12. [quote name='"soapmachine"']

    Excuse me? I know what I expierenced. Inability to sleep, hallucinations, numbness in parts of the body, euphoria. Hmmmm, doesn't sound too pleasent to me. Maybe for like four minutes then I started to lose my mind[/quote]

    Sounds like an every night thing to me. Add in a 12 pack of heiny....:cool:

    I just wished I could get that high. Never understood it.
  13. Someone sounds like he never got REALLY high after a T-Break :wave: and is jealous.

    I actually thought the same way you do until last tuesday, I smoked a gram out of a sweet bong after a month T-Break, and I literally couldn't walk and my vision looked like a "puzzle" (hard to explain this). Anyway, I was with friends so I didn't worry, but I know that if I was alone I woulda freaked the fuck out.
  14. I've been that high. Just dance. If you're home alone just put on some music and dance. That'll take your mind off everything. Be happy, not scared.
  15. Nah, ganjaGuru92 is right... this is a troll, or just quite dumb...

  16. Obviously he's right in the sense that OP shouldn't of called for medical help, but if you get THAT high (and you'd be agreeing with me if you ever have), and you are alone, you can get freakeddd out so bad.
  17. How did you sober up to hide your plant?
  18. my first time in amsterdam my vision, my hearing and my ability to walk was messed up so i just sat down on the curb of a street and handled it like a boss, chillin and drinkin an ice cold coke

  19. Nah man... never, it's just weed...
  20. stupid bottom.

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