Insane Deal.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Applegarth, May 18, 2009.

  1. I went playing some Lazer Tag and after I got done, I figured I would grab some green,a 10 sac, for later.

    Well I call up my usual guy and be like I have a 10 got any mids. He said nah, so I asked him what he had, just some dank and exotic. I said, shit how much is the dank going?

    10 a gram.

    He said he would give me like some dank shake for 5 though. So I said just do that.

    We pulld up and he tosses me the bag and I hand over the 10 and as we were pulling away he said I threw and extra 2 grams in there.

    It was dark so I couldnt see but once I got home, I realized I got about 20-25 dollars worth of mary jane for a 10.

    I am saving the last gram and half cause I smoked the other two.

    3.5 grams for 10 dollars of dank.

    I think I got hooked the fuck up.

    What you think.
  2. Nice! I am happy that you got hooked up, I hope you enjoy your buds! ;] :smoking:
  3. I don't know why anyone would let that much go for that little. They either hold a lot of weight and don't have to worry about it or they are stupid.

  4. He can push a pound or so in at least 2 days. So he is pretty stocked up. And I know him personally like I was in school with him untill he dropped out 7 months ago

  5. Good deal man. It's sick when you have a hookup like that, they're generally very reliable and always consistent.
  6. sill shake thou.
  7. One of the joys of having a friend that deals huh? I have a mate who deals, gives me the dankest shit he has. :smoking:
  8. nice man. smoke him up sometime in return for the great hook up there
  9. thats sick. :cool:

  10. He just saved him the time of grinding it up.
    Good deal though man, i'd be content.
  11. $10/g dank?! in Georgia?! Damn, you have one hell of a hook up.

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