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insane and philosophical high thoughts

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ghosted420, May 10, 2011.

  1. i find when im blazed that deep thinking about political and socio-cultural topics can get very interesting. in fact this is my latest high-dea.

    we always hear in the media about how the world's dependancy on non-renewable resources keeps growing substantially, but little has been done to fix it. i dont consider the following to be a realistic solution to one of the worlds many problems, but if you think about it, my so-called "solution" makes quite a deal of sense. so bare with me.

    as we all know, the united states has a capitalist economy. a capitalist economy encourages competition and growth between social classes as well as businesses. in order to achieve growth, a greater deal of non-renewable energy is required for both the social classes and businesses. lets face it. in order to be the best, our society says that you have to have multiple cars, a big energy wasting house, and a fat monthly energy bill. the same goes for businesses. a big successful business (of which to become is the goal of every business owner) entails the use of more energy to meet demands and to grow and out-sell your competition.

    now dont call me unpatriotic, but heres my input.

    to decrease the dependancy on non-renewable resources and energy, a revised form of communism should be adopted. communism does not promote competition, therefore lowering the so called "need" for luxeries and lowering the demand for energy wasting products. it must be revised so that the government does not have total control over everything, but so that competition between social classes and businesses in minimal, if not completely eliminated.

    i am not an advocate of communism, nor do i have a degree in this subject matter. i have yet to weigh out the pros and cons of this "solution", but id like to get your guys opinions. like it? hate it? i could care less. feel free to post your own insane and philosophical high thoughts.
  2. Interesting approach. Go read Atlas Shrugged (if you've got a shit load of free time). It's all about what you are discussing. Hint though, it's an epic story about America that details why communism sucks. The author, Ayn Rand, is famously anti-communist because she was born into communism and escaped. The Tea Party has more or less adopted this book as their manifesto. Very thought provoking but my personal take is that governing millions of people and protecting them from the myriad evils in the world is a complex task maybe requiring the best attributes of many different governmental philosophies. Dialogue is good. Nice post.
  3. If we followed through
    With said idea.
    All of our god given rights
    Along with American values
    Would have been stripped from us

    Also: there's already a " high idea"
  4. People are selling pieces of the earth to each other.

    We pay for the relative rarity of the material and the work associated with turning it into a product (if applicable) and transporting it to where there is demand
  5. Politic arguements aren't really my thing when I'm high.

    Conspiracies and religion, however...
  6. what makes "american values" good? god im looking so unpatriotic right now, i love america, but you have to strip all types of bonds when thinking like this.

    we view muslim values as bad, because they go against our own set of beliefs. but in turn some view our values as bad, because they go against their set of beliefs. there is no right and wrong when you narrow it down. only a matter of opinions.
  7. It won't work because nobody would strive to be better. If there were no competition to be better and get better things out of life than who gives a shit about going out and doing something great. You wouldn't want to go out and work hard to be a doctor or something if you could just flip burgers.

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