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inquiring about employer drug testing policy

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 1080ski, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Hello fellow blades, its been a while since I've logged on. I'm currently in the application process for a software job located in MA and I am curious as to how I should go about asking an employer about their drug testing policy without sounding like I want to know whether or not I'll be drug tested (which would possibly indicate that I toke).

    I've been clean for the past 26 days, and by the time I get an offer or rejection I will have made it to the 30 day mark (and have worked out frequently, so I should definitely pass). I have made it through two rounds of interviews and my references have checked out, but have yet to hear about any drug testing policy. I also cannot find any information about their policy online. I was hoping that you all could help me figure out a way to ask about a drug test without specifically asking about it. Something along the lines of "do you require any medical information before I start working?" (for insurance purposes or something) but I'm not sure that this would cover a drug test. Any other ideas?

    EDIT: I want to know so that I know whether or not I can start up smoking again. Senior year of college... gotta live it up while I still can!
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    I'd get clean before any interviews, take a test if needed, get job, have drinks, find a cool co-worker to ask more in depth about drug testing never the boss...

    I get tested every 6 wks @ my current employer and still toke up. It's all in working the system. Oh yeah good job on sticking to your studies!!

    Edit: also most of the time during the interviews the future employer will say "we're going to need you to go _____ and piss in a cup"

    don't judge my grammar college boy ;) jk
  3. Just keep studying for a potential drug test and worst case your tolerance will be super low and you'll get super baked. Never ask a potential employer if they drug test.

    I'll be 56 this summer, still living it up, just a tad slower.

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