Input On My Sealed Grow Design In 11X11 - Sketchup Included

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    I am in the planning process of my upcoming grow. I would like some input and recommendations from some more experienced growers when it comes to designing custom rooms.
    The room that I have decided to grow in has the dimensions of 11x11x9, and it has 2 windows. I plan on building a makeshift room / tent within the room out of 2x2's and pandafilm. Below is a basic rundown of what I plan on including.
    Flower Room at least 5x10
    -- Either 2 - 1000w HPS or 3-4 600w HPS
    -- Closed circuit ventilation
    -- 15,000 BTU AC within room
    -- Co2
    -- Undercurrent System (Not for sure yet, open to recommendations)
    Veg room between 3x5 and 5x5
    -- 600w MH
    -- Tied in with Flower closed circuit ducting
    Drying room around 2x4 - 3x5
    Attached I have included a sketchup design of what I have planned so far. 
    2.jpg   3.jpg   5.jpg   6.jpg
    If anyone with a little more experience at designing grow rooms could throw me some pointers. What I'd i'm trying to figure out is:
    - The best size layout for each of the 3 rooms I plan on included so that they all fit in the 11x11 room
    - How to setup the veg room so that it takes the cool A/C from the flower room ( some sort of venting on a thermostat? )
    - Recommendations on lights (2x 1000w or 3-4x 600w)
    - How I would go about doing a vertical grow in this setup
    - I've purchased about 30 different strains of seed from attitude, and would like a hydro system that I could easily run different strains through on a perpetual harvest. Any recommendations on that?
    Thanks all for any input!


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