Input - feed the scissors or leave her be?

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  1. Hey GC!

    So I was like IDGAF about this plant: Tangerine Dream. Initially I was going to let it re-vege because I kinda messed her up going into flowering (Long story short, my first attempt at indoor failed : Mites --> Root rot --> more mites --> sent outside). Now though I have a clone of hers growing in hydro outdoors doing so beautiful I don't want the mother to re-vege. - the once tiny clone now nearly rivals mommy in size.

    Flowering since January 15th.

    Got mold on 3 bud-sites and 1 stem from the recent rains; they were cut. Checking today, all other colas look and feel fine, aside from being so tiny.

    No nutes have been fed throughout all of flowering.

    Hairs are pretty much all red, except for the whites from the newest, tiniest buds - shes starting to stretch the colas and pop new green leaves == I think she's about to re-vege.

    Some colas have trichomes that are 100% cloudy. Other colas have amber trichomes, ranging from 5% to 10%. No clear trich's are found. Shes been in this state for the last 2 weeks - no clear trichomes were spotted then either, but it was a lot less of a search (5 colas versus nearly all)

    Anyone want to weigh in as to what they'd do? I prefer a little heavier couch lock, but shes very sativa and hasn't shown much change. I don't want her to re-vege so I'm thinking of either cutting tonight, or this weekend.

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  2. I'd cut. She looks ready and sounds like she was a pain
  3. i agree.

    on a side note, dont buy anything from barney ever again. the 2 worst strains ive grown over the years were from him. pineapple chunk and vanilla kush.
  4. Didn't buy; got a mother from a friend and have been cloning her trying to get how to grow tangerine dream right. I've seen pictures of good TD bud so I know its possible! Hoping the hydro run finally gets it right, haha. But from your heads up I think I'm going to xplant my diesel from soil into hydro - I don't want a dud in my outdoor recirc since I only have two spots. Soon as shes a little more mature I may replace the tangerine dream with her - I think over the course of cloning I've come up with a less virile clone; original mother was healthy and green stemmed, this girl is growing reddish-purple stems in lucas formula.

    I cut this one Thursday night; such a disappointment. Afterwards the buds dried way fast into the tiniest little popcorn fluff.

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