Innocent Dog Killed in (Few Gram Marijuana Bust) :(

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  1. [ame=""]Drug Raid Leaves Pet Dog Dead and Nets Couple Grams of Pot Video[/ame]

    Makes me so upset to hear that dog crying and to learn the dog died :( Another victim, of the fucking war on drugs, killing an innocent dog and only finding a few grams of pot? GREAT POLICE WORK!!! Glad this what caught on tape. I couldnt bare to watch it knowing what was going to happen, but i had to to see how horrible this war is.. Poor dog :(

    Anyone thats smoking dedicate your next smoke to the newest , non-human victim to the war on drugs
  2. Now tell me how many deaths are associated with this stuff?
  3. That made me want to cry.
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    Wow. I know exactly what I would do if cops did that to my dog or if anybody did that to my dog. Names would be taken for starters :mad: Dog or not, that's a member of the family. And for marijuana...those cops are pussies, I hope they get whats comin to each one of them. Whatever and whenever that is. That's disgusting. mad face again :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    Saw this last week, This makes me so mad as I am a dog lover, maybe this sounds a little extreme but FUCK IT I think it would be totally justified to behead the evil FUCKS, (let me rephrase that) Government appointed domestic terrorists that did this:eek::mad: so wrong R.I.P the dog. If they came into my house and did that to my dog.....oooooohhhhhh
  6. Pretty sad judging by how trigger happy a fucking cop is, and the first thing they did when breaching the house was shoot the dog
  7. Dude, no shit, this is off topic but up here in Bellevue a cop told me that if there aren't license plates on a car they come out with guns drawn....I was like :eek: DA FUCK??? Why? He's like "causse we don't know what's goin on" I said back to him "you never know retard, running a stop sign, speeding, blowin through a red light while speeding? you never know who's gonna do what, do you come out with guns drawn for those people too?" He just kinda shut up after that.
  8. Goes to show how harmful the law is and how pathetic they are. Marijuana hasn't killed anyone but plenty of bullshit cops have...
  9. Wtf. Those fuckin pieces of shit. I am pissed now. I hate when people hurt animals.
  10. DOG SHOT: Video Shows Columbia, Missouri SWAT Team Killing Dog In Drug Bust - WDAF

    " They also shot and injured a corgi."

    That's TWO dogs shot.

    Oh man! Better watch out for them Corgis, they a HUGE threat to an ENTIRE FUCKING SWAT TEAM.

    So if you're on a drug raid be sure to let your itchy trigger fingers lose on any little thing you see moving in those spooky shadows, who cares if there are children at the home? It's not worth the risk of having a ONE gram of Marijuana in someone's house.

    Don't let the size fool you, this is a bonafied cop-killer!

    Wait for him to leave his house and quietly apprehend him? NO WAY! That wouldn't be very Hollywood style, plus if we shoot everyone there's no witnesses!

    I'm just so glad the police where able to destroy that menacing family and their cop killing dogs.


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