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  1. How can i find peace within my self ?
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    You can't find peace because you already have it.

    Stop searching and just be.
  3. Accept that you are not only human, but imperfectly perfect.
    Meditate, and envision how your body works... line by line...
    cell by cell, electricity, fluids within organs; it's all autonomic.
    You are an organic specimen that has lain victim to consciousness,
    and are cursed with the human condition of suffering from fear of
    the unknown.. become in tune with yourself as a whole and look
    into the world around you... what really do you need to make peace
    with yourself? nothing... once you are one with yourself, you are forever
    at peace.
  4. Both of the above answers are great. I can't be nearly as poignant. But I'd recommend that you look into 'Mindfulness'. Google it.

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  5. Find the flow of creation. The connectedness of everything and forget the self. Merge into the ultimate.
  6. Creative rebelion
  7. I wish i could help you. I really hate my own guts and I'd like the answer to that question as well. Thanks for asking.
    DBD also known as Dialectical behavioral therapy. they implement things like "middle path" (two opposite ideas can be right at the same time) or "Mindfulness" (meditation, sticking to the facts) to reduce/manage emotional impulses in your brain,
    Dbt is known to treat all kinds of mental illnesses from Anxiety and Depression - to Addiction and Psychosis  
    You really should look it up its some good shit :hippie:
  9. Get really good at something you enjoy to do... That's what I do🙈🙉🙊

    I am so open minded you should only think like me..
  10. Well, first you must accept nature. Specifically human nature.

    Our "feelings" are dictated by hormones. You may think "I don't like that, it means I have no choice" but you do.

    One example: exercise is a natural source of endorphans. A natural antidepressant.

    Basically chosing to live a healthy life, will create better chemistry and cure depression

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    Self-improvement - find a hobby, something that you have a talent and/or love for, and make an effort to practise it whenever you can.
  12. Meditate!  The mind must be quiet and free of distractions.  Start by meditating.  Vipassana meditation preferably. 
  13. The mind is inherently crazy. Stop listening to it or become detached from what it is saying.
  14. Know who you are. Speak your truth. Be present. Avoid dwelling in the future and the past. Accept what comes as what needs to be there. See others as you would wish them to see you. Commit random acts of kindness.
    Do these things and inner peace will always be with you.
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    Stay in the knowing of experience, all of it.  You are the knowing, the essence of your experience.  Just the fact that you know experiencing is happening right now is a miracle unto itself ...and nothing can trump this. 

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