inline vz regular ashcatcher

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  1. which is better and why?
  2. inline - more filtration, less drag. use the search button.
  3. Inline, as 521 stated.

    They allow less drag, because of their horizontal design; the smoke is pulled horizontally across the diffuser, which greatly enhances the amount of diffusion. They allow a larger surface for the diffuser too. Also, they look damn awesome. I hope to get a Hops inline someday.
  4. make sure you get to fill it with water first, as sadly, most inlines ive seen simply do not work
  5. Most inlines you have seen don't work? Weird...
  6. yeah, save the ones on youtube. Solid1 had a 300 bubbler that i was gonna buy, but due to the crooked center diffusion pole thingy, it glug-glugged like a non diffy'd bub.

    same deal with ones by Morgan as well... ive been on a quest for a WORKING inline for months.
  7. I've seen a bunch that spill back pretty bad but none that just don't bubble :confused_2:

    As long as you're holding it so the diffy is horizontal, all the holes/slits should bubble.
  8. you shoulda seen how pissed i was in the store. many water levels, many different angles. It wasnt me, it was the glass.
  9. on the solid one bubbler, the holes werent even lined up, and on the morgan ac, the pole was at a slight upwards angle.

    i dunno, i find multi arm pillbottles to be smoother, but PLEASE, i'd love to see something.
  10. ive seen some cheap shitty inlines......... they still bubbled............ depending on how the inline is angled it may bubble in the back of the inline or the front.
  11. welll, fucking of course it bubbled. what i meant was, it didnt bubble as effectively as couple-hundred dollar art glass SHOULD bubble.

    you couldnt cover the holes evenly, so either nothing was filtered (went through the airspace), or, you could cover them completely, having about 1/4'' of water over it at it's shallowest point, having it glug like a 2 dollar rubber grommet bong.

    maybe im finicky, but my roor goldcrown works, and all the inlines i see on the web, work.
  12. i have an inline on my new bong i just got and am not happy with it, the tube is too short so all the water flows out when it bubbles.
  13. lesson learned; ASK FOR WATER.

    the one time i was refused, i simply left.
  14. I couldn't be happier with my Kind Creations inline; the most important thing about inlines or any kind of perc is WATER LEVEL. I learned that one quickly.

    I mostly use my KC inline as a bubbler though. I prefer bongs without ACs unless it is a relatively short (20") straight tube...

  15. I am w/ you on that dude. w/ no perc too.
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    I hate slits in diffusers, percs, inlines, ashcatchers

    If one of those slits aren't submerged, there goes your entire peculation.

    Smaller slits don't really have this problem, but on like 3 arm tree percs, you'll notice it when you tilt it to hit or something.

    Slit diffusers need to be completely submerged or they will not work.
  17. For the most part an inline is better, unless you are comparing it to something like a Toro trashcatcher ac.

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