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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Cornflake, Jul 4, 2004.

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone here could reccomend a good brand name/make of inline skates. I probably won\'t be using them for tricks too much I just need something that will get me around. I only ask cause the last pair I got kept breaking (some cheap no name brand from canadian tire). I also have no clue where I\'m gonna buy them, I figure I\'ll probably order online. Cheap is good, like I said they don\'t have to be amazing or anything I just want them to be comfortable and semi-durable.
  2. Rollerblade
  3. If you want cheap with Quaulity RB (rollerblade) is the way to go. so is K2 for just skating.

    If you want to do tricks and have an all around good skate for just about anything you want its all about USD throne or psirus its personal choice I personally prefer the Psirus its a little more comfortable and more street friendly, I actually own a pair of USD Psirus\' Kevin Gillians to be specific yes I know thats old school
  4. Yeh i\'d agree with Potstylz ... rollerblade is the way 4ward imo. U decided on what skates to go for ?? Pls tell me you bought some USDs :)
  5. well while were on the topic anyone know whats a cool blading web-site for trick advice and shit?
  6. I use K2\'s and i been blading for years
  7. I got a pair of k2 somethingorothers for a little over $120 canadian. They seem to be serving my purposes well.

  8. dude your sig is awesome!!
  9. i like k2\'s i think there the best for royals and farfy\'s but thats just me.
  10. I always went with RollerBlade brandname
  11. is a good site for trick info. But if you want any personal info you can just ask. Im the former ASA champion and hit the Gravity games twice. So if you want to know something about a trick just let me know. seeing as there are so many skaters here, does anyone have signature tricks?

    I personally stick to a an Acid soul across coping or down a handrail. God its been so long since I skated last
  12. im a skateboarder so thats it for me dudee
  13. i rollerblade. i have razors, dre powel model.

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