Inline precoolers

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  1. hey, quick question. I'm putting together my ultimate setup (So far a 13 arm toro and a salt slide) and I was wondering if any company besides weed star makes inline precoolers. I was hoping for luke wilson, but any high end glass maker would be good. Or would it be better to just get a toro trashcatcher?
    :confused::confused: Help me out, please.
  2. they're plenty of great companies that make great glass i'm not going to mention them since it's against TOS but i'll pm you a message :)
  3. SSFG makes the best inline for the money, but if price isn't a factor I'd probably go with a hops or SGW. Although honestly a toro circ would probably be my choice unless Luke Wilson makes an 8arm plus ash catcher I don't know about
  4. even the easily availbe SGW circs ive seen, perform well.

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