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    Hey im looking to get this rasta roor with an inline because it looks really sick and about the right size for at home or carrying around. Here's the description and a pic
    This little sista has the new RooR Rasta logo on it, its style like this that turns heads. This glass bong has borosillicate schott duran pyrex, the finest that money can buy! Standing at 35cm tall and with 3.2mm thick pyrex this is not a lightweight piece and hits like a freight train too. Enjoy!

    and of course im going to go for the diffuser but is this the size im looking for?
    Weed Star Coloured Inline Pre-Cooler - 18.8 mm - Dutch -
    and this is the inline, looks sick but idk much about it ive never used a "Weed Star" brand anything. will it be to much drag for this little bong, will it look to big on it, set it off balacne, ect? or will it be a sick set up like id hoped. please let me know your opinion anything would help and by the way im from canada so ive never seen or hit a roor but their the best and i want a bong i can fall in love with.

    Thanks in advance:bongin:

  2. The name isn't worth the price for such thin glass. You could get a 5mm Ehle and then an SSFG inline ashcatcher from Etsy for a total of about 250 or a little less. Get a diffused downstem too of course

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