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  1. I have seen a few threads on this subject but I am hoping to get some good feedback b4 I make my next big purchace.
    not sure what fan is better but here are some good deals for ya on inlines
    Tjernlund Retail Store-High Performance Metal Inline Duct Fans (Models M-4, M-6, M-8) has 6" inlines w/530 cfm and says they will price match on similar fans with 1 year warrantee

    this is a 6" hydrofarm active air inline for 79.00 with a 5 year warrantee: 400cfm

    and then there is the valueline inline fan with 432 cfm for 79.90

    I am gonna need three inline fans but I am not sure which ones to get. I would hate to buy three fans that I dont like, I almost wanna buy one of each but that is just inconvenient i think.
    I will use one to circulate my veg room with passive intake(anyone with any info on passive intake could help me greatly) one for flower room for air exchange w/ passive intake and one to cool my hood. any suggestions on which one or if i should mix it up with different ones. I will use a carbon filter so I was leaning towards the valueline or the first one because of the cfm... my rooms are both 4x4 so it may be a bit overkill to have 500cfm but then again its never too much circulation right? Also I have been reading and I have gathered that I dont need fans for intake that Passive intake will work? Not sure about venting too much so input would be used and greatly appreciated.

    opionions/experiences/reviews would be helpful. Gotta make a purchace soon so I would like some input in helping me decide. Thanks Guys!!!

  2. Honestly, if you plan on bringing in outside air for your veg room, you could probably do double duty and exhaust across your lights. There is really no need to have separate fans for lights and the room unless you want to seal up the room for total air control (read: CO2).

    That would save you not only a fan, but you wouldn't have to run ducting for two systems. As for which fan, your guess is as good as mine. I run a cheaper fan, "ecofan" or some shit, and it works way better than just cheaply for my setup.
  3. for sure... I am still lookin for some feedback from people who have got these fans.... That 1 year warrentee has me second guessin....

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