Inline Fans

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by FlipYa4Fake, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Are they really important? Can you get away with just fans blowing air out, and in?

    Please give me you'alls opinion....

    I'm currently working on design for an operation growing up to 50 plant, therefore we are using a good amount of space...


    If you have pics of your set-up, please reply. need good ideas
  2. you could depending on your lighting setup

    oh 50 plants, youll need inline fans because its gonna be like industrial size, youll need fans also aswell as the inline
  3. Ok that is what i thought...

    Anyway do you have any suggestions on how i should set up the duct work with the inline?

    I have access to one good air supply being a vent.

    thanks man
  4. you can buy inline fans to the diameter of your ducting, on ebay they sell the ducting by the meter and the fans by like 4inch.

    if you need some links ill link you to a trusted seller who sells 4inch duct and 4inch inlines.

    he also has 4inch carbon filters i beleave

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