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    So im purchasing just a regular hood with my light, not air cooled or anything. Its going to be a 250w hps. My question is where is the best place to put/hang the fan where it can keep the room its coolest. I know it should be near the top but im not sure if i should put it in the door or hang it or what. Im thinking i should just cut out a hole in the door, place a vent on the outside and just bolt the fan right up there.

    Also is do you guys have any preference how high up the fan should go or is it just wherever.

    Thanks GC:smoke:

    sorry i forgot to say its just a 3 foot by 3.5 foot by 8 foot closet (wxlxh)
  2. I have a 250w in a homemade cool tube attached to a 4" inline duct fan with 60 CFM. The room stays at 72-75. Without a cool tube your going to be at 85-95 degrees...

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