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  1. what size inline fan for 32x32x63 in grow tent with 300 w mars led
  2. 32x32x63 = 2.6x2.6x5.25. ( inches to feet)

    2.6x2.6x5.25=35.49 ft
    35.49/3 = 12 cfm
    35.49/5 = 7 cfm

    You need a fan rated at 12-7 cfm
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  3. thanks
  4. Can you explain this math please? Why divide 35.49 by 3 and 5?

    He's got 35.49 cubic feet. He needs a fan that exchanges that much air at least twice a minute. Any 4" fan with a speed controller will work just fine.

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  5. I was told you need ventilation that can clear the air every 3-5 minute...

    Not saying im right or youre wrong. Just the info found..
  6. Learn something new everyday
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