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  1. I have (4) 1000 6" air cool hood Watt HPS lights and would like to know if I should get either this (HYDROFARM ACDF8 Active Air Hydroponic 8 Inch In-Line Fan 720 CFM) and use a reducer to cool the lights or will the
    \t(Hydrofarm Active Air 6 inch In-Line Fan 400 CFM) be sufficient enough to cool (4) 1000 watt hps??  :confused:
  2. Get the 8" no doubt about it might not even have to tune it down Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. okay, thanks bro
  4. really you should judge 8 inch or 6 inch fan based on the room size, not the number of lights.
  5. I agree. Subcool used 4 1000w in a 10x10 and uses a 10 inch 1000 something cfm inline pulling air from outside to cool them.
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    shit I just built my 10x10 today and it is nearly finished, a 440 CFM 6 inch fan is efficient enough but an 8 inch wouldn't hurt. That 10 inch is way too big for a 10x10 he probably has huge negative air pressure in that room unless he has the same amount coming back in somewhere.
    Bigger is always better in my opinion, but a small room with a huge amount of exhaust is going to need just a big a fan pulling in fresh air unless you are rocking a non air tight room with light creeping in cracks everywhere ;)
    for example I put plastic vapor barrier down, reflective insulation on top of that, sealed all seams with reflective tape and also went over with duct seal. The room is 100% air tight so whatever I take out of that room I need to put back in.
    Look how many plants are in such a small space...that is why he has such a high fan.
    And as far as the "big buds" he was talking about i've seen better lol
  8. its a 10 x 10 room
    Thanks, Yeah I just went ahead and got the 8" inline fan to be on the safe side.
  10. Sounds good should have more than enough exhaust now just make sure you have enough air to replace what you are taking out coming in

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