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Inline Fan: Installation

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by THC101, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. nice gen sets...dont see any fans?...
  2. sorry about the shitty link...

    heres a pic

    6 In. 110VAC 250CFM In-Line Duct Fan

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  3. If it's 110V AC you should be able to splice it into a regular plug.

    But since you didn't already know that I'm guessing you don't know how to splice it into a regular cable. So ask someone you know who can do it to show you or whatever, it's not hard.
  4. Hey THC it's easy.

    First get a 3-prong cord with the plug on the end----you can cut one off of any appliance.

    With it's cut end you should see the same color wires inside of the cord. Match them up from the blower to the cord. Then it should plug into your wall and work.

    The green wire is your ground wire, used to give a flow of electricity a plass to exit if it shorts or surges, so that it exits out the cord and doesn't shock the device it's attached to or any person holding the device or cord.

    The black wire is your hot wire and has the current running through it

    The white is your neutral cord.



    Best luck.

    p.s. can you explain what your usage will be with the fan? I am about to buy the exact same thing and was curious. Have you considered your cfm, etc?

  5. By the way....

    When I said "match up the wires" I meant to strip the plastic cover off the ends of the wires, twist the matching colors, then cap them all off with wire caps that are plastic and twist over wires to tighen the twist and cover the exsposed wires.

    hope the info helps.
  6. q is perfectly right.
  7. Its very easy... white with white , black with black and green with green (if your extension cord has a ground)

    If your using one of those cheapy brown/white extension cords with multiple outlet end simply cut off the multiple outlet end strip the 2 wires and join one to white and the other to black and leave the green on the fan just lay there.

    Plug it in and vwala... your done.
  8. I just tested the 500cfm model and it's a soft/quiet flow. If you are deciding between one a little smaller or larger--pick the larger CFM!!

    It's easy to hook up.
  9. oh and dont let wires touch! always use elecrtical tape, dont wanna go blow a fuse or nothin :D
  10. :D Lol, old post guys. I ended up getting a 172 CFM centrifugal inline fan from MDhydro. Works GREAT. I plan on other upgrades soon. thanks anyway guys

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