Inline fan/Carbon Filter Combos

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  1. Is this a good buy? 150 and it comes with a 6 inch inline fan, carbon filter, and ducting.

    iPower 4" 6" 8" 10" 12" inch Inline Fan Carbon Air Filter Ducting Combo | eBay

    Otherwise VenTech 6 Inch Inline Hydroponics Exhaust Tube Duct Fan 440 CFM Blower and Carbon Air Filter Combo: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    A couple more 6 inch inline fan with carbon filter: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    I honestly can't decide so any help/input would be appreciated

    I have a 4x4x6.5 Agromax grow tent, a 600 watt ipower dimable ballast, and a 6 inch air cooled ipower hood. I have roughly around $200 to spend. Otherwise i was going to piece the fan and filter separately. If anyone can help a first time grower started please do. :smoke:

    Iv been reading on GC for the last couple months and im honestly surprised how much i learned and how great of a hobby growing is.
  2. No name filters suck, i know from experience. Spend the extra $ and go with a trusted name brand like can, mountain air or phresh if you really want to control odor.

  3. Thanks bro, what did u get? A no name filter or fan? Or a combo? If i get a name brand filter would i be good with a generic name inline fan/speed controller (from what i read im assuming i need the speed controller) I went to my local hydro store yesterday and there prices are rape. The same set up i have now (Agromax tent, 600w ipower watt/air cooled hood kit w hps/mh bulbs, timer and hangers) i payed a little over 400 for all that :) I priced everything i have set up at my local shop and it came out to around 650-700 :eek: They wanted 300 just for the basic 6 inch air cooled hood itself smh.. I have 2-300 to spend on the rest of my equipment (ducting, hangers, carbon filter, inline fan, timer, 3 gallon smart pots) Think its manageable?
  4. No name fans are fine, it's the no name filters that dont work worth a damn. Invest in a brand name one, so worth it.... You can get a good one for $160-180. My Mountain Air works great, is refillable, and comes with a 3 year warrantee. The extra $70-80 for a good filter (over a no name one) is worth the peace of mind, trust me

  5. Cool, looks like ill be picking up a mountain air filter tonight after work :D

    Do they have a direct site or are they on amazon/ebay?
  6. They have their own site, made in australia. I got mine in a local hydro shop, its cheaper to buy local as they are heavy and expensive to ship.
  7. Noob question but which one would i exactly need for a 6 inch air cooled hood and a 4x4x6.5 tent

    Products - Phresh Filters
  8. You will want a 6", 400+ cfm fan and a 6" filter rated for the same amount of airflow
  9. The 6x16" should be fine.
  10. Im going to go with the 6 x 16 Phresh carbon filter

    Phresh Filter 6in x 16in 400CFM, SKU:701005, Phresh Filter :

    Now for the inline fan will this be best? Hydrofarm Active Air 6 inch In-Line Fan 400 CFM: Home & Kitchen

    with the speed controller
    SE Electronic Stepless Speed Controller -

    And when i get all this set up am i better off keeping the carbon filter inside the tent or outside? I have a 4x4x6.5 agromax grow tent and a 6inch aircooled hood. Sorry for all the noob questions. And im tookin some tangarine dream right now :smoking: Great smoke/taste

    Cheers GC
  11. How did the fan work out for u boss?Updates?

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