Inline Ash Catcher?

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  1. I have a beaker bong that I am quite happy with, I was in my LHS yesterday and noticed a nice looking inline ash catcher that I liked, the only problem is it is the wrong size(my piece is 14mm this is 18mm), the guy at the store suggested I get an adapter. If I were to get an adapter I would need to buy it, then buy an 18mm bowl piece for the ac, my main concerns are the assembled product looking ugly with lots of attachments on it and also it costing more money. should I search around and find one that will fit my piece? what is your opinion?

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    A single adapter won't be too bulky.

    The larger internal size will ensure that no airflow is lost as well. I have a buddy with two 14mm rigs and has 18mm accessories adapted to both.

    Good luck brother! And congrats on making the move toward smoother, slightly healthier hits.

    P.s. Run your bong water at whatever temp you want, but I like the AC to contain scalding hot water. As hot as my sink will put out.

    In my mind it encourages things to not stick and helps the solids to break down faster and stay in the AC. It's likely in my head, but truly seems as if I'm getting much smoother hits.


    EDIT: don't forget your Keck clips to hold it all together.
  3. Get an 18-18mm downstem ( get something like a honey comb, showerhead, or vertical six slit) and it will be steadier than an adapter, and it will look nicer
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    Wow.. never thought of that... that seems very logical to me so i'm not sure if it's in your head. definitely gonna try it myself!
  5. I'm absolutely trying that it makes a lot of sense. I just wish I could get my bong to hold enough ice to not melt.

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  6. What this guy said.

    I don't know what I was thinking. The 18/18 will look much nicer.
  7. Just suggesting after watching my husband blow glass the last 14 years...... if you got the right inline (good quality, etc) an adapter is unsuggested. Why? Because the weight of the inline could do some damage with an attachment..... you run the risk of a heavy inline -- connected to a little adapter -- connected to the piece. if the adapter breaks from the weight of the inline -- you could also damage your main piece. I'm not saying this is a for sure thing but it is a possibility. 
    When using adapters, consider the weight of the other attachment always. Or.... to take a preventative measure, be sure you buy some k-clips.
    Okay.... now I can just hear someone arguing with me about the inline a/c directly on the main piece and still breaking -- it is possible to do that as well but having the adapter makes it more susceptible. 
    Glass is glass -- take care of it and you should be good. I have lots of glass that has lasted me years and years and years because I take preventative measures and take care of my glass :)

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