Inline ash catcher bowl ?

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  1. Hey guys, just bought my first bong. I also saw what looked like an inline bowl with trees so I got it too.
    My question is, how the hell do I use it :)
    No matter how I fill it it just sucks the water right out of the bowl and into the main chamber.
    Just want to say thanks for any help.
    Below are images of my rig.
    Picture 72.jpg
    Picture 70.jpg
    Picture 71.jpg

  2. That isnt a bowl for a bong, that's an attachment you'd see for a stax style bong.

    that would go onto a beaker base then youd put a mouth piece on top of that, I dont think that would even percolate with that setup for your piece.
  3. You would have to fill the water in level height of the ash catcher percolator. If you cant return it or use it you may just have to smoke without water in the ash catcher and have a extra piece to clean.
  4. wait wait, are you saying that the tree perc ashcatcher, when pulled through in the set up you have in the pic, the water falls into the stemless part of the bong? that sounds faulty to me, like its not sealed, or sealed in corrrectly. as soon as you pour water in it just falls through?
  5. This is the only correct answer so far. It's not an ash catcher its supposed to be above your base somehow. Its built to pull air from the bottom up, not from the top down (reason to your water getting to your bong).
    If you want an AC, try to return it. If it was sold as an AC, definitely return it.
  6. Thanks for the reply's everyone, :( that sucks that it wasn't what I was told. They have a once you walk out sales are final kinda deal.
    The people there aren't very knowledgeable it seems, but its the only decent place around me. I ended up going back today and i asked about the part with a different person and he had no idea how or what it was so I bought an actual catcher with shower head for 20$ after i used reward points.
    Picture 73.jpg
    This one worked :)
    Did I make a good first buy? Bong cost 225 and the original 'ash catcher' was 50$.
    Its a 5mm, 18.8mm joints/airways.
  7. 225 with or without the ash catcher? I think 225 is a bit on the expensive side (175 too for that matter), but for what ever reason, mix and match bongs always have a higher price tag. You'll get a nice hitting bong either way.
    It's not terrible brother but I think you could have done better. Reason to why I say this is mainly to make you think twice about your LHS. If that thing was sold as an ash catcher, you should have gotten your money back, no matter if all sales are final. I recommend trying to check for other LHS close to, or at least within driving distance. You would have been treated a lot better somewhere else.
    If you want to disregard the LHS in the future, here are some recommendations: (its only 5mm though and I dont know anything about OG-Glass)
    First will hit quite close to yours. Others have a little less diffusion but really good quality on glass and thickness (HVY always 7+?)
    So, closing words, fuck that LHS.
    Best regards
  8. Anybody know which is better In a glass bong honeycomb percolator or a 8 tree perk ?
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    That is a 6-tree arm perc precooler.

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  10. i perfer honeycomb, better stacking in my experience and much less likely to break. 

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