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    So who makes a good sturdy inline? Most look and smoke great but the glass is very thin. Also what type is bette rto clean/ is stronger(no small piece of glass between diffusing slits)? any help would be awsome.
  2. do you want a tube, a/c, or bub?
  3. If you want a tube I'd say Luke Wilson he's tubes are nice and thick and function flawlessly!
  4. Toro, Hops, HBG doesnt make a bad one, Kind Creations...a lot of companies make inline tubes...just go with the quality glass and youll be happy
  5. For an ashcatcher, I'd reccomend an SSFG online, which you can get a mouthpiece for so that it can also be a bubbler.
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    What is the difference? I think i'm looking for an a/c, to hook up to my 18.8 Illadelph.

    those look sick. Now to try to find a place I can order one from.
  7. Etsy. Duh

    The difference is that one is a tube, one is an a/c, one is a bubbler.
  8. I second the ssfg vote. He is really cool and the inline is great. Also, it is really easy to get anything you bought from him repaired. My sister broke my inline a/c and all it is going to cost is shipping+$5 for a new joint :)

  9. haha...couldnt be said any clearer haha
  10. Ha ha, yea so I'm looking for a solid a/c inline I guess. Does anyone do electroformed inlines?
  11. just go with an ssfg
  12. Do they have an online store?
  13. If you want an inline the cheapest while maintaining quality is the SSFG on etsy.
    Then at higher price points you have HOPS, the creator of the inline, along with brands like wildrok that make great inlines.
  14. yea ^ check etsy

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