Inline A/C question

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  1. Do you need a small a/c before your inline a/c since its really tough to clog, or is a disc slide enough?
  2. what?? your question doesnt make sense...and a/c is an a/c it can be attached on its own
  3. Ok, so I have my bong, and an inline ac, but hate getting the inline dirty, so shud I get a small a/c for b4 tmy inline a/c?
  4. w/e floats your boat but id recomend a carbon filter. $8 on GC and they work wonders. the carbon catches all the ash and resin and also filters out alotta toxins

    Carbon Filter Adaptor 14.5 mm Joint - Dutch -

    this one happens to be a 14 mm but they have a 18 mm too i think it goes for 13 bucks
  5. just throw a carbon filter on it...the point of an ashcatcher is to keep your piece the a/c should get dirty...cant just throw on an a/c for every a/c u get..will tip over hah
  6. use a screen? cheaper than a second ac

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