Inline A/C HELP, please?

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  1. Hi, I'm going downtown Toronto friday afternoon, I was just wondering if there was anyone in the area that could throw up some prices/places? I plan on going to THC because I know they have a wide selection, but if I should change my route to Cloud 9, Friendly Stranger, or whatever please tell me..

    Also ANYONE that owns an inline could you give me info on some prices on where you're from as that may give me a range
  2. my inline by Kind Creations was 120 out at their store in Fort Collins.
  3. You're looking at the price of a small bong. $70-$200
  4. $70 is really cheap for an inline.. I'd be expecting at least $100+
  5. alright, thanks a lot i was hoping to hear 200 or less, we'll see how badly these guys want to try to rip me off.. if its too much is there any suggestions for pimping my phx duo?
  6. Theres also a new shop on Queen called Jupiter. Never went in but looks promising!
  7. I never saw any inlines at THC when I went in mid Dec, really don't remember seeing any quality ashcatchers (inline or otherwise), mainly saw cheap ashcatchers that arent inlines

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