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  1. Not the nicest of inlines obviously .... But I got this today its a mini 14" inline with a mini 6 arm tree and splash guard. It's fun though and not expensive so i like it haha:smoking:. Take a look.
    And a gif haha...
  2. nice smooth as fuck?
    and how cheap?
  3. You're mad OP, your bong is sweet!:love:

    Info please?
  4. looks really solid for a no-name piece man. have fun with it :D
  5. Not bad man, definitely looks worth it.
  6. that Inline looks legit... how much did you pay if you dont mind me asking? i've always wanted one
  7. 200 dalllasss:hello: idk i think thats cheap compared to my toros :smoking:
  8. I see someone was hitting it w/ no water in the perc lol. def worth the price, nice little tube.
  9. Wrong...
    He was filling it up then taking another breath to clear or...
    he had the perc tilted a little bit getting stale yellow smoke and that's why the marks are there.

    I've trained enough people on percs to know what those marks are, I hated having to clean them but Basack just got a bunch of GO.
  10. where did you buy that? yours has the exact same ice pinches as mine!
  11. Thats a nice inline... what shop did you get it from

    Also you may want to lower the water level a tad but preference is preference.

  12. theres water in it dude haha?
  13. nice
    i have been aching for an inline tube
    i would love to have that

    and i think it looks great
  14. nice tube..be careful though, joint not braced at all?
  15. Yeah its straight.... But it doesnt quite qualify as a real inline tube to me. The tube is small and the perc is REALLY small haha. So it drags a little. But clear quick. I yet to buy a real inline. And by "real" i mean inline/13 toro haha.
  16. well it's hard to beat $200 for an inline w/ tree perc

    you talkin about a stemless toro?
    yeah i've seen quite a few pretty intense stemless toros on here
  17. stemless and fixed
  18. where did you pick this up and who blew it man? you have no idea who produced it?
  19. nah it was in a shop that has 100% china glass. Haha i asked him who blew it and he said " Im not sure it just came in the box.."? The guy is a total asshole in there.

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