Injured while somking

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by thecotter, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. When i buy a bic ligter i usualy take the safety and metal piece of the top...idk why..ijust do...anyways it was late at night an di was in by boxers chillin on my couch lighting up some bowls again and again...anyway...when i light the bowl i tilt the lighter as im sure everyone else does and i start burning my bud...well i didnt notice the plastic thing that holds the steel in place was burning...(the steel as a compressed spring under it) so once the plasti is finshed burning the flicker thingy (steel) flys off because the spring kinda beemed it out...and in doing so molten plasic came with it...remember i was in my boxers...and the plastic came at me and burned through my boxers missing my ball by a quarter inch (yes i actualy measured it)...that plastic was a bitch to get off and left a horrible scar...
  2. holy shit haha the worst thing that ever happend to me was last night i had to climb out my window tojack a lighter out of my moms car and i scraped the back of my thihg on the brick windowsill thing and it hurt like a bitch, but man be glad that shit didnt burn through your sack ouch
  3. Now you know why they have the metal shroud at the top of every single lighter out there.. take the safety thing off, but leave the metal shroud... it could have exploded in your hand...

    Who cares about your testicles when it's your hand at stake...
  4. lol djnecro...thats exactly what i thought after
  5. umm personally i could loose the hand as long as my sack is intact.
    BUT worse thing with a lighter thats happened to me is it exploded in my hand and my hand caught on fire. My hand didn't get burned though because the fuel was sort of wrapped around it so it burnt the fuel and not my hand. i got lucky i guess.
  6. I'm here, and I apologize for the injury.

    Also, the safety shield is there for a reason.
  7. Dude, I feel so badly for you. I'm about to spark another bowl, this next one (or ones ;-)) are for you
  8. You also inhale burnt plastic smoke when your lighter melts too.

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