INJURED PLANT... please please help..

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by nenu, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. hey,
    i have a plant that has been in the flowering cycle for 2 weeks now.. i'm growing it in a sea of green fasion.. anyway my cat got into my grow room and stood on the screen and broke my biggest branch.. its not completly broken off but it is fairly broken.. i managed to stick it back up with sticky tape.. will this heal it?? is there anything i can do to save it or help it get better? been vegging it for about 2 months and i am preety pissed about it.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I NEED ADVICE AS TO HOW TO SAVE MY BABY.. thankyou for your help in advance,,:(:(:(:(:(:mad::mad::mad::cry::cry::cry::(:(:(:(:(
  2. ive heard honey helps never tried it tho.
  3. honey??? and do what with it though?? rub it on the broken branch??
  4. put the honey where it split and tape it together or something.
  5. tape will lose the sticky..try and gently raise it up and tie it so as it will remain in position, like giving it support.
  6. haha honey... that's cool. Never heard of that method but I suppose it may aid in the cellular reconstruction.

    My usual method for this type of situation: The one...the true... the ALL problem solver... oh yes, you reach for it when you get stabbed.... you scramble to use it when that fucking tail light gets broken again... you desperately wish you had a huge piece of it when that bitch just wont shut up....

    Oh indeed.... DUCT TAPE THAT LADY! Easy as 1,2,3 bro... just cut off a small strip and snug it around the trunk moving up to the break...push her back in place and continue to wrap... use a stick taped to the side of the bucket to add xtra support while she mends.

    Once she heals, it'll be like a huge knot of muscle... she'll be able to support her and your weight... haha.
  7. thankyou for your replies..i tied it up and it seems ok so far haven't wilted at all.. fingers crossed it will be ok.. do you think it will effect the yield at all..

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